When it comes to day-to-day working, I'm a heads-down kind of gal. More often than not, I've got headphones on, Slack closed, phone off—all while creating some awesome content.
(And if you want to learn way more about me and my working style than I think you'd want to, I made this little "How to Work with Me" doc. Check it out.)
Here are some of the incredible companies I've had the opportunity to work with:
"Whitney is a phenomenal copywriter. She can take the most technical B2B topic and turn it into a compelling, SEO-driving story that engages readers and explains complex ideas in a simple, easy to understand way. I can’t say enough about the quality of her work and what an invaluable resource she’s been for our marketing team." ~ Sarah Bell, Sonar
Below is a small sample of the work that I'm most proud of and made the greatest impact.
Content Writing
*I have also worked on ghostwritten pieces with many of my clients and can share those, if requested.*
"Whitney has a balance of qualities that are really hard to find in one person. She has an impressive attention to detail and a reliably high bar for quality, but is also caring, empathetic and an excellent communicator. This makes her one of my favorite people to collaborate with."
~ Chase Carpenter, Litmus
"Whitney was a great addition to our team at Brain Bytes Creative. Her positive attitude coupled with her ability to effectively research, create, and produce great content helped our company achieve results for our clients."
~ Kristina King, Brain Bytes Creative
"Whitney had a deep industry knowledge around Salesforce and Pardot, and was able to quickly transfer those skillsets to other platforms. Her attention to detail and process-oriented approach helped clients in both our Atlanta and Chicago locations achieve vastly improved Marketing Automation programs that are also integrated across Marketing and Sales efforts. In parallel, and one of my favorite aspects of working with Whitney, was her positive attitude and sense of humor, which were critical in promoting a positive relationship among our more demanding clients."
~ Becca Lang, MERGE Atlanta
"Working with Whitney was an absolute pleasure. She helped our team move projects forward to completion, always ensuring our main stakeholders were aligned and project goals were clear to everyone involved. Whitney went above and beyond providing all sorts of training and supporting materials, including video recordings, templates, and worksheets, to enable our team to scale our projects and get the best from our project management platform [Asana]."
~ Bruna Siloto, Lever
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