If you're interested in me speaking at your conference or on your webinar, please reach out to me! I'm always interested in speaking opportunities. 🎙
I talk about email marketing, content marketing, and mental health and time management in the workplace.
*Featured Speaker*: "From Copywriter to Content Marketer: How to Become a Freelance Power Player in 5 Key Steps"
Online Conference: Copywriting Summit | Host: DTC Summits| 2022

"Overcoming Disruption in a Distributed World"
Online Panel Discussion | Host: Asana | 2021

"Proper Grammar Ain’t Always Proper: Writing What’s Best For Your Audience"
Online Conference: Litmus Live | Host: Litmus | 2020

"When It’s Time to Let Go: Tactics to Improve the Unsubscribe Experience"
Online Conference: Reach | Host: G2 | 2020

"Making an Impact with Dynamic Content"
Webinar | Host: Salesforce | 2020
Online Conference: Litmus Live | Host: Litmus | 2020

"What can we learn from retail email?"
Webinar | Host: Litmus | 2020

"A New Email Decade: 6 Predictions on What Will Change"
Webinar | Host: Litmus | 2020

"5 Pain Points That Slow Down Your Email Workflow"
Webinar | Host: Litmus | 2019
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